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Stralsund - Unesco World Heritage & gateaway to the island Rügen

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With its historic cityscape, Stralsund is one of the most impressive travel destinations on the Baltic Sea coast.

The old town, which is almost surrounded by water and is listed as a UNESCO monument, has a unique historical structure and makes a walk through the old town with its numerous sights a real experience.

From Stralsund you can also go on wonderful excursions in the surrounding area.

The island of Rügen is within sight, the “söte Länneken” Hiddensee can be reached from Stralsund by boat, the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula and the Western Pomeranian Lagoon Area National Park can be reached in a few minutes by car.

Rügen is Germany's largest island and can be reached from the mainland via the Rügen Bridge in Stralsund.

The natural sights include the miles of white sandy beaches, the well-known chalk cliffs and the mighty beech trees on the Jasmund peninsula, which are part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

Seaside resorts such as Binz and Sellin with their typical resort architecture, fishing villages such as Vitt, manor houses and castles such as the Granitz hunting lodge, the lighthouses at Cape Arkona or the Rasender Roland also attract numerous visitors every year.

The Baltic Sea makes Hiddensee a paradise for water sports and bathing fun.

But there is also a lot to experience on land for young and old:

Be active in nature, explore the numerous sights of Hiddensee or treat yourself to a breather on the kilometer-long beach.

Of course you will also find the right activity for your family when the weather is bad.

Hiddensee is best enjoyed on the wonderful, extensive hiking and biking trails.

You will be spoiled with impressive views along the dikes on the Baltic Sea and Bodden.

Those who take the route to the »Großer Inselblick« vantage point and then hike to the Dornbusch enjoy what is probably the most famous view of the island of Hiddensee.

The Fischland Darß peninsula is a little more than half an hour's drive from Stralsund and is not worth a trip only through the beautiful Baltic Sea landscape with the long white beaches. It consists largely of the unspoiled national park "Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft", a unique natural landscape and lively places that live and love their traditions.

Sights in Stralsund

Tradition and modernity come together in the picturesque alleys of Stralsund, in which, in addition to many museums, wonderful guest gardens invite you to enjoy yourself. From the former sailing training ship Gorch Fock to the Ozeaneum and the Maritime Museum, there are many ways to learn more about the Baltic Sea and it's inhabitants. In addition, countless cycling and hiking trails around Stralsund invite you to explore the breathtaking nature of Northern Germany.

Ozeaneum Stralsund

Magical world of the seas. The Ozeaneum in Stralsund, which is part of the German Oceanographic Museum, shows the aquatic worlds and life worlds of the northern seas in exhibitions and aquariums.

maritime museum

The maritime museum in Stralsund's old town has been domiciled in the former Dominican monastery of St. Katherine since 1951. Oceanography and biodiversity in the ocean are as much a theme in the exhibitions as whales, coral reefs and fishing.

Museum ship gorch-fock

The Gorch Fock is a sailing training ship built in Hamburg in 1933, which sailed under the Soviet flag from 1951 to 1999 and has been a non-seaworthy museum ship in the Stralsund harbor since 2003. 

Port tours stralsund

With moderation by the captain, you can enjoy the unique view of the silhouette of the Hanseatic city of Stralsund. For you it goes around the island of Dänholm, past the shipyard, the Ozeaneum, the tall ship "Gorch Fock" and under the Rügen Bridge and along the Rügen dam.

Störtebeker braumanufaktur

The brewing tradition in the Hanseatic city of Stralsund can be traced back over 800 years. The manufactory offers daily brewery tours, invites you to a liaison of the art of brewing and culinary art in the brewery inn and offers it's own brewery market with many brewing specialties and matching accessories.

historical old town stralsunds

The historic old town of Stralsund has more than deserved the award as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (2002). History and modernity are harmoniously combined between the historic buildings of the old town. In particular, the old city wall and the old Hanseatic mansions in red brick look are a delight. Since 1990, almost two thirds of the more than 1.000 old town buildings have been extensively renovated. The historical urban ensemble around the old market with the town hall and the Artushof are worth seeing.

port on strelasund

Typically Hanseatic: This is the Stralsund port. While the north and south ports are used more economically, the city port next to the old market is the tourist center of the city. Brick granaries, cozy harbor bars, restaurants and of course freshly caught fish from the fishermen make a visit a real highlight.

Churches & monasteries

Visible from afar, the three large city churches shape Stralsund's unmistakable silhouette. The largest city church in Stralsund, the Marien Church, towers above everything with it's 104 meters high tower. The St. Jacobi Church is embedded in the old town and the route to the Old Market leads to one of the most beautiful sacred buildings in Northern Germany the St. Nikolai Church.

Highlights in the area

Maritime flair, untouched nature and a lot of culture can be experienced not only in Stralsund, but also on the surrounding islands such as Rügen, Hiddensee and Fischland Darß as well as in the villages along the Baltic Sea coast.

Königsstuhl rügen AND national park Center (ca. 60 km)

People have always made pilgrimages to the Königstuhl. He became part of their mythology and culture. Today visitors from all over the world experience the fascination of this special place on Rügen's chalk coast. The Königsstuhl National Park Center is located in the immediate vicinity of the Königsstuhl chalk cliff in the northeast of the Jasmund peninsula and the heart of the "Old Beech Forests" UNESCO World Heritage Site. With an exhibition area of 2.000 square meters and an outdoor area of 28.000 square meters, it offers a lot of interesting information about the natural history of the Jasmine National Park under the motto "Let nature be nature".

TREE TOP PATH prora-binz (ca. 43 km)

Experience the island of Rügen from a different perspective on the treetop path. Move at eye level with the mighty treetops of unspoiled beech trees this is possible on the barrier free treetop path of the Rügen Natural heritage Center. Gain special insights into the flora and fauna of the surrounding mixed beech forest and the alder quarries on the DBU Prior natural heritage site.

Störtebeker festIVAL rügen (ca. 40 km) 

Open air summer festivals have been held in Ralswiek on the banks of the Great Jassender Bodden since 1993. Experience a new, exciting adventure on one of the largest open air stages in Europe with over 150 participants, 30 horses, wild riders, 4 ships, spectacular stunts, impressive special effects and much more.

karls erlebnis-Village zirkow (ca. 40 km)

The adventure village in Zirkow on Rügen with the farmer's market, the world of manufactories and more than 60 attractions is one of the popular excursion destinations for couples and families on the island. 

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